Oh hello there, Really glad you came on over to my Starter page!

I’m  (currently) a 25 year old college student, hurray! Im pushing hard this summer to finish up my school and finally graduate. I’m also a graphic designer with the bulk of my work coming from wedding invitations, Branding, and Monograms.

This is kind of a life style blog, mixed with the occasional movie/book review. some geeky rants and more.

I write a lot of post about my Depression, anxiety and how I handle it all with out medication.

My most common post are “Lets get Personal” post were i talk about personal topics.

I use Fridays to unleash the geek with “Fandom Fridays

I’m working on some other themed post soon to come like.

  • Review it
  • Whats in the New’s

I hope you not only find my blog fun to read but also helpful in the long run.

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