Journal Entry: A Step you have taken towards your goals

I have a lot of goals, I don’t know if that is normal or not but that is my truth. I have been keeping a journal of sorts and that has been really helpful to me.

I tried for a while to do a Fancy bullet journal, but the stress of making it look nice and kept up was too much for me. Its kind of funny I can paint and draw but casual doodling around the word June makes me anxious. I also tried to keep a traditional Planner but I just don’t do enough for it to be functional.

I got a cute notebook, using it as notebook plus a journal and a day keeper. it’s a bit messy but that’s on brand for me. ffff

I got this beauty at Disneyland ahah but I’m sure you can find equally cute ones where ever. image_123923953.jpg

Here’s the June section of my notebook. It has the photo challenge I want to try, a 30day body challenge and this journal challenge! Of corse, I live for my Gel pen collections and on the left is my monthly planner where I put when I work when payday is and if I have an event coming up. It’s my kind of an organized mess!

It really does help me to focus on what I want to do / Need to do.  I hope you all like this little journal entry! I’m going to try and post one a day for June! let’s hope I’m not annoying and also that I can actually stick to it.


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