“my vibe is tremendous”

Its May, Holly crap its May.

Its 5 months into this year and I honestly can’t believe it!! I’m sure no one can but still here it is! I’m bringing back something I did last year and I’m going to try and do 30days of something new.

I Wanted to challenge myself photography wise, (Really I just wanted better content on my Instagram account).  I Spent some time on Pinterest and trolled around finding some fun ideas and created my own 30 Day Photo Challenge. So here it is (it’s also going to be up on my 30 Day page)

  1.  Self Portrait
  2. morning light
  3. water
  4. OOTD
  5. Breakfast
  6. Monochrome
  7. In a row
  8. summer
  9. book
  10. self-portrait
  11. Afternoon light
  12. lunch
  13. self-care
  14. stationary
  15. drinks
  16. texture
  17. pastel
  18. Pattern
  19. ice cream
  20. coffee
  21. blurry
  22. comfort
  23. luxury
  24. flowers
  25. Candy
  26. floating
  27. self-care
  28. moonlight
  29. dinner
  30. self-portrait


There is a loose flow to It, I tried to put in a few Self-care’s and Self-portrait threw out the month, but the rest is pretty much fluid. I’m going to be using the same Filter recipe from VSCO. I love VSCO I do, Its a really beautiful and lovely photo filtering app.  Heres the base recipe I started from.


Follow my progress on my Personal Instagram @selisethapupil, The exact recipe I made is: G7 / Neutral Portrait + 12 / Contracts + 1 / Highlight + 4 / Temp -1.5 / Tint +1.5 / Saturation +.5 / Skin tone – 1.4 / No sharpen but i did add the (LUX + 50%) in the Instagram App.

(please read this as if I were selling you crappy late night shit) BUT WAIT for THERE’S MORE!! (back to the normal voice )

I am also going to try the Fit Girl work out challenge It doesn’t start officially until May 7th but I’m going to try and do some before.



Side note I’m Obsessed with the following artist:

Qveen Herby 

Janelle Monae

DoJo Cat


Please go check out these lovely goddesses and enjoy some amazing music! I have a short 15 song Playlist that includes all of these artist and more! check it out here!!I’m going to try and film a little Vlog about my Fitness Journey also!

  • Peace and Love Betties ❤ read on!

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