LGP: A Crazy Dream & an action plan.

last night I had the most peculiar dream…

I dreamt that I had not one, Not two….no not even three but SIX BABIES. The first three were all by one dad, and the last three by another. The way my dream was, it was like they were not in the picture (the dads) they were more like sperm donors. Anyway, I had three babies, and then I did something really Mondaine and all of a sudden they went from infants to teenagers and I was pregnant again.

Dreams don’t make a lot of scenes so I had all three kids at once but they were all different ages. The second time I gave birth it was super easy and I had these perfect little babies, I was laying on the floor and got really cold. All the babies were laying next to me, but I forgot my babies and took a bath. Then in the middle of my bath, I remembered I had babies!!! I ran down the stairs and scooped up one of them they were so small they could fit in my Hand. I remember running down the stairs thinking “please be ok please be ok please be ok!” The babies were cold, to the touch and I was freaking out I wanted to bundle them up but was afraid to use a blanket I didn’t want them to suffocate. I thought, ” I wish you were bigger I could put you in a bed and tuck you in” then suddenly they were all toddlers, like one or two years old, in footy PJ’s and I made them all beds to sleep in. They were safe and warm and I felt really calm with all my babies, my teenagers my toddlers and I thought, I could do three more.

Then the dream ended.

A few thoughts ran through my mind when I woke up

  1. How could I forget my babies
  2. Why did have so many kids
  3. Where were the dads
  4. what does this mean!?!

If you are like me and do dream research often you know that dreams about babies are not about wanting a baby, it’s more about responsibility. So I did a bit of digging and found this website about babies in dreams.

Having babies, like giving birth generally is “you’re starting a new life phase, or making a fresh start in some capacity”, I have been thinking about starting something new, trying something out. Making a kind of vlog series, it’s been something I have been playing with for a while.

Forgetting a baby is “Misplacing a baby and forgetting about it in a dream can mean that you are rediscovering an aspect of yourself that you placed aside.” I used to want to do vlogs, I wanted to make youtube videos but never knew where to start. Now that I have a solid idea I don’t have an excuse as to why I shouldn’t just dive into it.

The idea that the Babies are new and old projects or idea is really exciting. I know the new ideas I want to do and spend my time and money on I just now need to do it. Get it off my mind and breath it into existence.

Dreams are really Fucked up sometimes, and they are really odd but it’s important to remember they don’t mean what they say. You can never take a dream on its surface level. Dreams are ways our subconscious mind tries to communicate to your conscious self. Tell us lessons we should have learned or sum up a day. Or tell us we are ready to start a new project.

Take some time to find the meaning in your dreams, You owe it to yourself.



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