My whole life I’ve been called the “Hoarder” of the family. As far back as I can remember I have always made strong connections to things. I can tell you when I got something, who was with me, and why I bought it.

But as time has gone on it just seems that these things have become….well things. I don’t care much anymore why i have things or when i got them. But there is a sense of guilt for throwing something away that I once loved or at least had a strong Attachment too.

My room has become a grave yard of things and cloths just piled every where. My art studio is filled with overflowing storage from one family member or another. My clutter has taken over the Loft and even living room. Im literally everywhere my things touch every section of my house and I can just feel it.

If your like you know where everything is even though its a huge mess And becuase my things are just everywhere I feel like i’m aware of every inch of the two story, 4 bedroom house. Ive been filled with anxiety stressed that I have no where to hide from my clutter and have a place to focus and create.

I think my mom could pick up on this, becuase for christmas she got me a very cute small book, about clutter.

The books is just page after page of bold colored pages with tips and tricks, No paragraphs , no stories, just BOOM tip, WHAM hint. Maybe its becuase i love comic books but his straight up kind of action packed a bit of a punch. It kind of just hit me, Im not happy i’m always stressed out something needs to change and maybe its all this ..stuff.

From there i watched a documentary that kept popping up on my feed. “Minimalism“. It follows a few people in the Tiny House Movement , Two men who call them self “The Minimalist”  and some people truly living the Minimalist life style including one mane who only has 51 items to his name.

Every one of them talked about how happy they were owning less and how much more free the felt. I just sounded so appealing.

This is the change I need in my life, Condense, Reduce and Refocus. Needless to say when I get into something, I tend to GET INTO something. Just ask my gym partners who often quite on me after 3 hours or so. Day 3 of the new year and I went balls to the wall. I spent 2 hours today cleaning out my art studio, and i’m not even done. But i cleared a lot, throwing away cords and random boxes of things that I haven’t seen in years.

And it felt LIBERATING really, it was kind of cleansing, I filled 3 garbage bags filled with just and trash and things I cant even donate.

Its not going to be easy, or fast. But i think its going to be the best thing i have ever done for myself Plus if i can find some decent things to sell I can make some quick cash too.

As i keep doing research and working on myself I’ll keep updating as  I go.



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